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Internet communities (or comms), like those on Livejournal, are a great way to find others who are into the same thing(s) you are, among other benefits. But, I must admit, sometimes they get mildly...frustrating? Not quite the word I'm looking for, but you'll get what I mean (lol).  

First off, there's the issue of some admins and how they treat the community members. I've seen many a community work smoothly, with a seemingly fine admin, only for the admin to snap and block a member for their behavior at the smallest misstep. I agree that comms need to make sure everyone's polite to each other and such, but sometimes it feels like the admins take things a little too seriously. However, I also think this happens in part to my next point.

The other issue is that of language. These comms are often full of people who don't speak English fluently, but the common language is English, so they make posts and comments in English anyway. At times, their posts or comments will end up sounding awkward, and perhaps don't express what they intended to express. Even worse, I've seen instances where the poster comes off as rude, when their intention really wasn't to be so rude. Then when they try to protest the accusation and explain the situation, they just get further marked as rude, and then kicked out of the comm.

Along these same lines, there's also times when non-native-English speaking users comment on posts that are asking for help locating a file, but because their English knowledge is limited, it ends up sounding really blunt, almost as if they're purposely trying to be mean. I've been in a similar situation before, and the result was that it then became really awkward for me to keep asking for the thing I was looking I just dropped it and gave up searching altogether (lol) ; w ; 

Now, I'm not targeting any specific comms, don't get me wrong. These are just some collective observations after having been in various comms (Livejournal, Facebook, private comms not on social media, etc.). 

The comm culture is kind of dying out though, I think, and it's kind of a shame. Forums and Livejournal comms seem to have fewer and fewer active members, and many comms have simply died out. Though I see somewhat of a resurgence on Facebook, they're not always easy to navigate compared to the Livejournal comms from days of old. Plus, it doesn't help that not as many people are willing to publicly share files anymore, for fear of their files getting reuploaded elsewhere without their permission. 

But, these are just some petty ramblings from an old comm frequenter (lol) :'D 

snz. /o-o/ 

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