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Hello, to whoever bothers reading these (lol). 

I think I feel a little better compared to yesterday. Though incidentally, it's definitely raining a lot more than it was yesterday (lol). 

I point this out because typically when it's rainy out, I feel pretty glum (or just plain sleepy lol), but today, it's not too bad. 

More than anything, the overriding feeling I have today is that of worry and FEAR. 

Why? Well... 

Tough Mudder...is a pproaching...and I took a look at the map that was released today and well... 

I'm gonna die. 

Like, forreal. 

I don't even want to think about it. I'm so terribly under-prepared it's not even funny. And to think that everyone else is going to just look at me and wonder why I'm there (because everyone else is apparently physically fit and healthy and not a lazy shut-in nerd like myself cries). 

So yeah. My glum-ness from the past few days seems to have abated somewhat? Though that's largely due to: 

1. I've been trying to avoid Twitter, and 
2. I've been binge-ing on Tenimyu (again, lol). 

I don't really know why, but in times of crappy moods or high stress, I always end up with an urge to rewatch (or in this case, watch), Tenimyu things. 

Somehow, it cheers me up, and the songs are nice "fight-o!!!!" type songs (lol). 

Yesterday, I finally got around to watching "The Musical Prince of Tennis: The Imperial Presence Hyotei ft. Higa Chuu" featuring the 4th generation Seigaku cast and the 1.5 generation Hyotei A cast. It didn't have subs so it was kind of boring to watch, but I enjoyed the musical numbers, and mostly just seeing Furukawa Yuta and Sakamoto Shogo again (lol). 

I also watched the backstage clips, and in watching that I realized that Kato Kazuki and Takumi Sato did a special run for this show, so now I have the burning desire to find the CD soundtrack...but it appears that only broken links remain of their existence. I'm seriously considering buying the CD, but it's pretty pricey so I don't know yet if I'll buy it lol...we'll see, I suppose. 

In the mean time, I'll just rewatch the whole show...but the Kazuki & Takumi version (lol). Happened to find a rip of it on Veoh so I downloaded it immediately (LMAO). 

Now that it's finally finished downloading, I'm going to watch it now (lol) =v=b 

Eventually today I'll finally clean up my desk and my room...and start on the vacation journal I never finished...(lol) OTL

snz. /o-o/ 

p r o f i l e

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