Thu, Mar. 31st, 2016

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Because of my seemingly insatiable seiyuu obsession, I inevitably end up hearing a lot of Rejet related news. But due to my lack of Japanese comprehension, I don't really follow-through with that news, since it's not as if I'll be able to play any of the games or actually understand any of their CDs, lest someone translate it. So I pretty much just listen to the songs they put out (as questionable as they may be sometimes LMAO). 

However, I noticed something this morning when I scrolled through twitter. What appeared to be Rejet's take on an April Fool's joke--and definitely something fans were howling about in laughter. 

So, I thought I'd check it out! (...Though, by the time this gets posted, I'm sure most of the fandom will have already seen the joke, or seen this report on it lol.)

DISCLAIMER: I have extremely minimal Japanese comprehension, so please take my translations with a grain of salt! (Lol my friends are gonna hate me for doing this...they think if you don't have ~perfect~ Japanese comprehension, then you shouldn't even be translating. Sorry, my friends...) 

Oniichans under the cut-- )

In hindsight, I probably should have gotten an account with a photo uploading site before making this post, lol. All pictures are hosted on tinypic so they'll probably vanish in a few years, but oh huge loss, since no one really reads these anyway. 

In the same vein, I probably should've had a friend help me with Satou's lines LMAO....god those gave me a hard time. Spits blood at my inability with Japanese...I keep saying I'll teach myself Japanese, but it keeps not happening since life's priorities keep getting in the way. My obituary is gonna say that my greatest life regret was not learning Japanese I bet, LOL. 

Well anyway, to anyone who may have read this entire post, I hope it was at least somewhat amusing! 

Happy April Fool's~ 

snz. /o-o/ 

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